Hello and thanks for visiting my site!  

Help is here whether you’re running a business, starting one, or are simply a busy human, (like most of us these days).  I will make your life easier! Sometimes we just need someone else to tighten up the loose ends. That’s what I do.

 My passion & niche is working with start-ups. I’m an artist at my core and creativity flows through me like water.  Helping others implement their ideas and manifest their dreams and goals, is incredibly fulfilling for me, which is why I love the process of nurturing and growing a start-up.  This is definitely my passion, but don’t worry, I work with every level of business, from the one-man shop, to the established company or brand.  With a wide range of services, I offer complete virtual assistant, administrative support, website design, social media management, data/file management, and everything in between.  I also tutor children and adults in a variety of subjects including computer lessons, Spanish, and ESL for adults.  

Life is short and we can all use a hand sorting through it.

Simply put, I help you run your life,  more smoothly.  

Contact me for availability and together we can discuss a plan of action that works for you. 


Jennifer G. Springer

Founder of Jane of All Trades LA